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About Oz Recycling
Oz Recycle - The Australian Recyclers CommunityOz Recycle - The Australian Recyclers Community is about recycling unwanted items but not charging for them or being charged to take them to the local rubbish tip. Oz Recycle is absolutely free to use but if you do get value from the Oz Recycle we hope you will invite your friends and family to join Ozrecycle and share using the ShareThis button a the top left.

'Ones Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure'

If you have ever looked at an item around your home or work and thought to yourself 'that thing is taking up some valuable space but it is too good to throw away. I wish someone who would appreciate it would come and take it away', then you need to list it in the Oz Recycle Classifieds. It comes down to the old saying 'One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure'.

How Can Doing This Improve Our Lives?

Giving away our unwanted items can improve our lives in the following ways:

  • Less pressure on our environment
  • Less landfill in our local communities
  • Less costs on local government
  • Less waste of good materials and re-usable items
  • Less manufacturing which means less CO2 emissions.
  • More free items for consumers
  • More free space around your home or office
  • And so many more benefits...

By listing your items in the Oz Recycle Classifieds you can have someone come and pick up the item for free, you can organise to deliver it or send it by post. Better still you might know someone travelling through the area and you could have them pick it up.

If you are looking for free items you can come to this site and post a wanted ad or search the classifieds.

To learn how to use this site visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.




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No Bids - eBay Listings With No Bids

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