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  • Donate your old Smartphone* and help a Deafblind person
    MobileMuster and Able Australia as part of Deafblind Awareness Week (20-27 June) are urging people to support Australia's deafblind community by donating their unwanted working smartphones* (including batteries and chargers) before 31 July 2015.

  • 28 Million Reasons To Be Proud
    We have just hit 28 million cartridges recycled since the program began! So what does this mean for the environment?

  • Special E-Waste Collection - 16th May
    This coming Saturday 16th is a great opportunity to recycle that old computer that's taking up space in the cupboard or that clunky old TV that's filling up the shed.

  • The Circle of Life
    Innovative programs like 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' are an essential part of a growing circular economy, a closed loop process in which we recycle valuable materials to keep them in the productive economy for as long as possible. We can all choose to participate. But how?

  • Breaking the Barriers to Workplace Recycling
    Australians are great recyclers at home, but when it comes to work, we are falling down on the job. Planet Ark has identified a number of key barriers to workplace recycling and some simple actions to overcome them.

  • Changing Batteries
    We use batteries almost every day; in TV remotes, smoke alarms, watches, mobile phones, computers and children's toys. However, even though batteries are recyclable, around 8,000 tonnes or 97 per cent end up in landfill each year.

  • Recycle Your Mobiles and Help The Salvos
    Throughout December and January if you recycle your old mobiles and accessories at any of MobileMuster's collection points across Australia, MobileMuster will give $2 to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal for every kilo they collect.

  • 12 Do's for a Greener Christmas
    Unwrapping a new gadget might provide a short-term high, but with more active SIM cards on the planet than people, it comes with an environmental impact . Global sales figures for smartphones, tablets and PCs, are projected to reach 2.4 billion devices for 2014, and that figure is tipped to grow into next year .

  • E-Waste Recycling Box
    MobileMuster has teamed up with Storage King and ECOACTIV to provide a responsible recycling option for mobile phone (and their accessories) as well as other small electronics, many of which aren't included in free collections that operate under the National TV and Computer Recycling Scheme.

  • Think Outside The Bin
    As of 2014 there are more active SIM cards in the world than people. This brings into sharp focus the need for recycling options for items not accepted in kerbside recycling bins including mobile phones, e-waste, printer cartridges and soft plastics.

  • Feel Good Recycling
    The Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers shows that recycling at work is good for the environment as well as for staff morale. The reports shows that 78% of Australians agree that having recycling options at work either would, or does, make them feel they are working for a responsible employer. Find out more ...

  • Do It In The Bathroom
    While most Australians are star recyclers in the kitchen, when it comes to the other rooms of the house their recycling skills tend to go to waste meaning recyclable items like aerosol cans and shampoo bottles are ending up in landfill.

  • Know the Facts
    Even though aerosol cans are easily recyclable, 66% of Australians aren't sure what to do with them. This is just one of the surprise findings in Planet Ark's Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers report.

  • Fling Those Files for Free Recycled Paper
    Paper is the largest contributor to solid waste generated by workplaces and although paper has a high recycling rate, there are literally thousands of tonnes of paper stored in folders, files and drawers that will never be used again. Workplaces can host a Friday File Fling on 14th November as an easy-to-organise, positive way to engage colleagues and to get good quality paper back into circulation. The first 1,000 registrants will receive a free ream of Reflex White 100% Recycled paper.

  • High Standards Gets Green Tick For MobileMuster
    Australia's first voluntary product stewardship scheme has been formally accredited by the Federal Government.

  • Householders Asbestos Disposal Scheme for NSW
    The NSW EPA has awarded $781,000 to 24 local government areas to participate in a trial asbestos disposal scheme. The trial will run for 12 months, until July 2015, to minimise the burden on householders who want to do the right thing with their asbestos waste.

  • Extending Responsibility: RecyclingNearYou Report Released
    What is the hot button issue for Australians seeking recycling services? This report highlights the individuals or groups taking responsibility for recycling particular materials and is a powerful indicator of the types of options being sought by Australians.

  • Share Door to Door on Global Sharing Day
    Join the 5000 Shares Challenge for Australia's first ever Flash Sharing event from Global Sharing Day (1st June) to World Environment Day (5th June). Why? Sharing makes us feel happy. And decluttering makes us feel great. Now you can share things you no longer need, door to door, simply using your smartphone and TuShare. You could win $50 delivery credit AND raise money for Planet Ark just by sharing!

  • From Toner to Tarmac
    The last thing you'd expect to do after recycling your printer cartridges is to drive over them but now you could! Due to the development of a new product that turns residual toner into road surface, the recycled material, which is being rolled out in streets around Australia right now, makes road surfaces stronger and reduces their carbon emissions. Pretty amazing! Find out more...

  • E-waste drop-off event in Canberra
    Leaving old TVs and computers at local charity sites is a form of dumping for which there are no excuses. Find out about the next e-waste drop-off event in Canberra.

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