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  • Waste Contractors & Recyclers Association of NSW (WCRA) Industry Update
    An afternoon program of Industry Updates followed by a dinner with guest speaker.

  • Training for NSW Facility Workers
    With support from the NSW EPA the Waste Contractors & Recyclers Association of NSW (WCRA) is pleased to deliver an Advanced Waste & Resource Recovery Facilities Training Workshop to benefit waste management facility workers, waste and resource recovery educators and supervisors from across NSW.

  • Up Front Free Solar
    Do you work for one of the many schools, councils or businesses that have an aim of reducing their energy related carbon emissions but find the up front costs are proving too difficult to overcome? Then Planet Ark Power may be just what you're looking for. Designed specifically for medium-sized organisations it enables the installation of roof-top solar panels with no up front costs. And lower annual power bills.

  • The Only Thing We Have to Fear...
    Fear is a great motivator right? It's used to motivate action in public health and driving campaigns as well as to sell lots of products like security equipment. Many people would argue that the most fearful issue we are facing, as a society, is environmental destruction and climate change.

  • 4 Steps to a Naturally Happy Workplace
    The average Australian works 40 hours a week. How they feel while they are at work, therefore, has a big impact on how they feel during the other parts of their life. Being content and happy at work depends on a number elements and one of those, surprisingly, is nature. Here are 4 ways to grow nature time and happiness at work.

  • ABRI Urges Environment Ministers to Support Battery Stewardship
    The Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) has called on Environment Minister Greg Hunt and all state and territory Ministers to make a strong commitment to battery stewardship when they meet in Melbourne on 15 July. Broad stakeholder support for a national collection and recycling scheme for handheld batteries has reached an all-time high.

  • Exclusive Discount to the Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo
    The Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo 2015 is on next month providing an important forum for industry networking, innovations and insights. And we have an exclusive discount offer to the event.

  • Licensing Deadline for NSW Approaches
    If you're processing or storing waste in NSW, don't get caught out by the 1st August deadline. Find out more.

  • 28 Million Reasons To Be Proud
    We have just hit 28 million cartridges recycled since the program began! So what does this mean for the environment?

  • PREPare Yourself for Better Packaging
    If your business produces something that is put into a bottle, tub, box or bag, we have a new tool that allows you to assess whether that packaging is recyclable in Australian kerbside systems

  • Positive Local Impact
    If your work is using high recycled content paper, congratulations! If not, take a few minutes to find out about a new recycling plant that makes it easier than ever to have a positive local impact.

  • Calling all Mobile Phone Hoarders
    Are you a mobile phone hoarder? Are there other hoarders at work? Our friends at MobileMuster are calling on you to come clean in time for World Environment Day on 5th June and become a recycling champion.

  • The Circle of Life
    Innovative programs like 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' are an essential part of a growing circular economy, a closed loop process in which we recycle valuable materials to keep them in the productive economy for as long as possible. We can all choose to participate. But how?

  • Win a Tablet Worth $850!
    We need your help and we're offering you the chance to win an iPad or tablet of your choice to the value of AUD $850!

  • Wood - Good For Health and For Business
    A new report shows that being surrounded by wood at home, work and school has real and measurable health benefits. It also shows that in a corporate environment the presence of wooden furnishings and fixtures conveys feelings of innovation, energy and comfort.

  • Breaking the Barriers to Workplace Recycling
    Australians are great recyclers at home, but when it comes to work, we are falling down on the job. Planet Ark has identified a number of key barriers to workplace recycling and some simple actions to overcome them.

  • Changing Batteries
    We use batteries almost every day; in TV remotes, smoke alarms, watches, mobile phones, computers and children's toys. However, even though batteries are recyclable, around 8,000 tonnes or 97 per cent end up in landfill each year.

  • Is Your Business Throwing Money Away With Your Food Waste?
    Did you know restaurants and cafes throw away nearly a quarter of the food they buy for their business? Take the opportunity to be part of some new research aiming to reduce waste, save money and help the environment.

  • Free Your Business of E-waste!
    Is e-waste taking up too much space in your office? Find out how to go e-waste free at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne.

  • Promote Your Waste-Wise Christmas
    Are you looking to encourage a greener Christmas? Then we have the toolkit for you! We've developed a range of promotional resources like ecards, posters, social media posts and adaptable blogs/articles for you to use. DO check it out!

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