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Welcome To Oz Recycle - The Australian Recyclers Community

OzRecycle - Giving and Getting For FreeThe Oz Recycle Community is an Australian Recyclers Community helping our environment by reducing landfill. How do we do this? By giving away and getting things for free (gifting) instead of throwing them out to the tip or into the wheelie bin. Since the site was launched in 2007 we have seen items large and small offered for free through the Oz Recycle Community Classifieds . These items have included pianos, cars, books, televisions, dolls, stamp collections, sewing machines, wedding dresses, building materials, windows, artwork, antique furniture, fridges, stoves, tents, dog kennels (but not dogs - NO advertising ANY animals in the classifieds whether they are free or not - if you have a pet try Pets4Sale - an Australian pet classified site ), printers, computers, used DVD discs and cassette tapes, fish tanks, musical instruments, and a whole lot more. Have you got something lying around that someone else could use? Give it away instead of throwing it away.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO MEMBERS - if you are asked to pay for shipping of an item in advanced think twice before sending funds or giving financial details. This is common practice for online scammers. A safer option is have the item sent 'cash on delivery'. If you see an item advertised here and you feel it not genuine please let us know by clicking on the user name of the ad owner and clicking 'Report User'. We will take the approriate actions.

You Can Help!

With members Australia wide and new members joining each day we hope to reduce the number of useful things thrown onto the rubbish pile only to be burnt or buried. You can help by becoming a member , inviting your friends and family , telling your local council and using the Oz Recycle Free Recycle Classifieds yourself to give away unwanted items or to give a new home to unwanted items.

How Does Oz Recycle Work?

Have Something You Don't Need?
Do you have something laying around that you think you no longer need or are thinking about throwing away? Perhaps you are de-cluttering your home and find a lot of stuff that is too good to throw away? You may find someone within the OzRecycle community who needs it. Simply post it to the Oz Recycle classifieds in the Free To Take Away categories or check the Items Wanted categories. Any member who is interested in taking your unwanted item will be in contact with you. The only condition on this is your item MUST BE FREE! By giving the item away you are helping our environment by not throwing the item into a landfill site and reducing the need to manufacture.

Need Something?
Are you looking for something? One of the Oz Recycle community members may have something you need. You can post an ad to the Items Wanted categories and if another community member has what you are looking for they will be in contact with you. This way you are helping our environment by giving a new home to an item which would more than likely be thrown away.

How Do You Save?
By using the Oz Recycle site you can save on tip fees by giving away an item or by getting an item for free. You are also decreasing the impact on our environment by saving precious resources used for disposal of landfill and by decreasing the need to manufacture.

Instant Notification

You can get instant notification of items posted by subscribing to the Oz Recycle RSS feed. You may need an RSS Reader or in a lot of cases you can RSS feeds sent directly to your email program or even to your mobile phone. Simply click here to subscribe to the RSS feed (opens in a new window). You can also go visit a particular listing category and subscribe to the RSS feed for just that category. More information about RSS feeds is provided when you login as a new member.

NOTE: The Oz Recycle App is currently offline for technical reasons. We will let members know when it is back online through our Facebook page.

Before Posting To The Classifieds
Please read The Rules for using the Oz Recycle Classifieds and if you have any questions please see the Frequently Asked Questions section before you contact us.

We DO NOT allow the posting of ANIMALS or PETS on Oz Recycle. If you post an ad for an animal of a pet your account will be suspended. If you do have a pet you need to find a new home for we recommend which is a specialist Australian site for animals and pets.



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